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Adept Computer Support Ltd

Adept Sage 50 Stock Split

This program is ideal for splitting a box of stock into individual items. It will allow you to transfer stock from one stock code and create multiple new items under another stock code. A typical example would be a wine merchant who has one stock code for a case of a particular wine and another that represents a single bottle. When a case is taken from the cellar and the bottles are put out on the shelves, this program will take one case out of stock in Sage 50 and adjust in the appropriate number of bottles.

  • The split quantity and product code are held in the Sage 50 product file.
  • A search facility will locate splittable products by code or a word within the product description.
  • The program will create the correct transactions in the Sage 50 product history.
  • A list shows the products that you have already split in the current session.
  • Auto Split option will automatically split enough stock to clear negative stock levels.
  • Auto Split can also be set to bring stock levels up to reorder levels.New
  • The program can be run from a button in the Sage 50 product module (dependant on Sage version).
  • Compatible with Sage 50 Pro and Financial Controller versions 8 to 27 (Sage 50cloud).
  • Only £150.00 + VAT for a company wide licence. N.B. A 20% annual renewal fee applies.
  • Thirty day Free Trial available.

Free 30 Day Trial

The Adept Stock Split in action

Stock Split