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Adept Computer Support Ltd

Sage 50cloud Accounts v26 2020

(UK, IE, AU and NZ Version)

The World's best Accounting Software just got better

New Sage 50 Accounts v26

What's New in Sage 50cloud Accounts v26

  • New - Construction Reverse VAT Legislation

    Sage50cloud Accounts v26 Sage has new tax codes to help you comply with the new construction industry reverse charge rules coming into effect from the 1st October 2019.
  • New - Brexit Enhancements

    If the UK leaves the EU without a deal, to make it easy to record EU and non-EU imports and exports, Sage 50cloud Accounts v26 introduces some new tax codes in the range T11 to T19 . This range may differ depending on the tax codes you already use.
  • New - Making Tax Digital Enhancement

    The MTD routine will now remember your HMRC logon credentials so that you don't have to enter them each time you submit a VAT return.
  • New - Sage Drive Enhancements

    Sage have made some "under the hood" enhancements to Sage Drive to improve its performance.
  • New - Improved Data Fixing

    If fixable errors are detected you will be given the option to run an automatic repair of your data. If errors can't be repaired, Sage 50cloud Accounts v26 automatically detects your most recent error free backup to restore.
  • New - Invoice and Order Enhancements

    Changes have ben made to help prevent you from accidentally updating all your Quotes, Orders or Invoices
  • More Information

    For more information visit Sage's article Sage 50cloud Accounts Roadmap.

What's New in Sage 50 Accounts v26

  • New - Maintenance Enhancements

    If you have the non cloud variant of Sage 50 v26 you will not receive any new features. However, you will get performance improvements, bug fixes and other general maintenance enhancements.

What does the "cloud" in Sage 50cloud stand for?

Please be aware that Sage 50cloud is NOT cloud native software. The "cloud" in the name simply refers to the software's ability to connect to real cloud software such as Office 365 and OneDrive. Sage 50cloud is still the same tried and tested desktop software as earlier versions. If you use Sage Drive your master data set is still held on you local hard disk or server and a copy is held in the cloud for syncing with remote sites.

With Sage 50cloud Accounts you get seamless integration with Microsoft Office 365. Access your accounts data via Outlook and Excel wherever you are, post transactions from your iPhone and store backups automatically in the cloud.

  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook 365

    Sage 50cloud includes Sage Contact which enables you to view key customer and vendor details in Outlook. View the information you need to make decisions and answer queries without the need to leave Outlook e.g. outstanding balance, recent transactions, credit limit etc., all within the familiar environment of Outlook.
  • Sage Intelligence

    Sage Intelligence gives you the ability to take your financial management reports into Excel via Office 365 using Excel Online or Desktop Excel. Sage Intelligence provides out-of-the box Online and Excel-based financial management reports enabling you to start working with your key financial data in your preferred analytical tool immediately.
  • Sage Dashboard

    With the Sage Dashboard you can quickly see how your business is performing. Accessed through your Microsoft Office 365 login, it shows receivables, payables, revenue and expenses on an easy to use dashboard that you can open at any time, on any device.
  • Sage Capture

    Sage Capture allows you to record transaction details such as expenses on your smart phone or tablet. You can then securely post these details into Sage50c along with a photo of your receipt.
  • Attach documents to transactions

    You can now scan, save and link documents to individual transactions in Sage 50c. These documents are securely held in the Cloud.
  • Automatic backups can be stored in the cloud

    Automatically check and back up your data to the cloud, without the need to stop working.
  • Email notifications on automatic backups

    Get email notifications on the status of your automatic backups.
  • More Information

    For more information visit Sage's article What is Sage 50cloud Accounts and how does it work?.

Are you looking for the US version of Sage 50 that was previously named Peachtree ? If so, click here to visit Sage's North American site.