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Upgrading your Adept Add-ons for a new version of Sage 50

Ideally you should upgrade your Adept add-on to the latest version before you upgrade Sage. All our add-ons are backwards compatible so it will continue to work with your old version of Sage.

To install the latest version of your Adept add-on, ensure that you are an elevated Windows Administrator and click the "Check for Updates" button on the Adept add-on's About Dialog. If there is a new version of the add-on available it will be downloaded and installed. Please note that for our Adept Viewer programs the check for updates feature is activated by selecting "Web Update" on the viewer's menu.

Alternatively Visit the Adept Downloads page and enter the serial number of your Adept add-on. You will be shown the current version of your software. Click the version number on this web page to download the latest installation file for the add-on.

The first time you connect your upgraded add-on to the new version of Sage you may be asked to purchase an Upgrade to your add-on's licence.

Upgrade to Type UK Australia New Zealand
Sage 50 2014 v20 Perpetual GBP £36 AUD $60 NZD $66
New Sage 50 v21+ Annual GBP £36 AUD $60 NZD $66
Prices are per Adept Add-on and include VAT where required.
Licences for New Sage 50 will need to be reactivated once a year by paying an annual upgrade fee.

The following screen shots show a v20 upgrade. The New Sage 50 upgrade screens are very similar.

Licence Upgrade Required

Check that your contact details are correct. If they are not, click the Edit button and correct them accordingly.

When you edit your details the Edit button changes to Save and the Refresh button changes to Cancel so that you can chose whether to save or abandon any changes that you makes.

Fields that you change are highlighted pink.

Why do we need this information ?

  1. Email, Forename and Surname are used to send you an email with your new licence and a VAT invoice for your records.
  2. Telephone is in case we need to contact you because the email with your new licence and invoice has bounced.
  3. Trial licences and some full licences are locked to your Sage serial number as an anti-piracy measure.
  4. Company name and address are used on your VAT invoice.
  5. VAT Reg is only required if you are in an EC country other than the UK. It will be verified against the VIES database and if valid we will be able to zero rate the sale.
  6. You can't change Tax Code yourself. For intra EC sales it will change to 22 when your VAT Reg has been verified.
  7. Reseller is the name of the Adept Reseller who sold you this software.

To buy the licence upgrade click the Buy a Sage 2014 Licence Upgrade button.

Your Internet browser will be started and you will be taken to a shopping cart page where you can pay for the upgrade using any standard credit card or PayPal.

You don't need a PayPal account, just click "Don't have a PayPal account?" to pay by credit card.

Pay for an Upgrade

After you have successfully paid for the upgrade return to the add-ons Licence Dialog and click Refresh.

Your details will be re-read from the Adept licence server and if the new licence is found it will be loaded automatically.

Auto Licence Update

If for any reason this doesn't work you will also receive an email with a new licence key that you can enter manually.

Enabling 3rd Party Integration.

When you upgrade to a new version of Sage you may need to obtain a new Serial Number and Activation Key to "enable 3rd party integration". This is because the key Sage gave you for your previous version will no longer work. If a new key is required your Adept add-on will pop up the following dialog to ask for it. For more info visit Adept Installation Notes.

Activate 3rd Party Integration
End of Document - 14/09/2015